Kristy Swanson

Kristy Swanson Opens Up About Parental Alienation, Her Film Career, and Female Golfwear Business Hollywood film star Kristy Swanson took some time out of her busy schedule as an actress, self-proclaimed hockey mom, and golfwear business owner to speak with us about some of the things she cares most deeply about.

- Actually, she says after learning that this writer is based in Scandinavia, my name is derived from the Swedish surname Svensson. One of my ancestors was called Per August Svensson who came from Sweden to the midwest of America, notably Missouri and Illinois. Recently, on Twitter, Kristy Swanson is very open and active on the subject of children's rights, especially when it comes to parents who deny kids to see the other parent, as well as other societal challenges.


- Being an actor gives you a certain level of influence, and I want to utilise that to bring awareness to things that affect my heart and our family in a big way. The military is a big thing for me, and I support them and raise money for them for when they return from war. My husband, Lord Eisler, is a Canadian olympian and he supports the Special Olympics.

- Parental alienation has affected our family for quite some time, and it's something I would like to get my golfwear business attached to, to address parents' interference with parental visitation. It's important to get legal about it, and people are finally starting to talk about it. It's one of those issues where it's been silent and courts haven't recognised it. Denying a child to see the other parent is child abuse. There's only one American state, New Jersey, which has a law against parental alienation. About using the business to address this, she says it's all about creating awareness so that the rights and interests of kids are put first.


On the subject of her female golfwear business, Adressitgolf, she says: - I'm pretty athletic and like to do a lot of sports, including golf tournaments. I do for example the Murray Bros. Charity Caddyshack Golf Tournament. i wore this particular dress one day and everyone backflipped and thought it was great. It's one thing if someone says it's a cute outfit, but everyone said it. When I play golf, I don't wanna look like a guy. I want to feel feminine, so I'm not wearing a polo shirt and khaki shorts. It's something to wear while playing, and then we can throw on heels or sandals and have a drink. I went to a designer, Eva Varro, who's Hungarian and lives in the USA. Her manufacturing is also in the USA and they manufacture everything in her factory. It's a brand new baby for me and so young. It can take up to 10 years to build up, but I think of it as successful already. It's something I'm doing on the side, because the acting comes first. On the creative end, I do the design, publicity, personal appearances. It's a lot of fun, although fashion has never been my thing. I'm funding it with my own money.

- Golf for women is going to get bigger next year (2016), when it's part of the summer olympics in Brazil. It used to be in the olympics many, many years ago and now they're reinstating it for 2016 in Brazil. More people will watch it and it's going to be great for golf!


Do you as an actress see the current film and TV market as something you still would have wanted to be part of, even if you were 9 or 23 today? Does it still seem exciting or has the economics of film and TV production and distribution changed too much? - I don't really have a good perspective on that. I was 9 when I started acting in 1979, and I did it because I loved acting, I didn't know what TV or movies or business or media or money were about. I loved acting and it made me feel good. That's where my passion started. 37 years later, it still is my passion. For me it's not about winning a bunch of awards or being the biggest.


Can you tell us about the new movie you made?
- It's called Angels in the Snow and comes out on November 22 on UP TV. The woman behind it is Barbara Fisher who used to work for Hallmark. The station is about uplifting, feelgood stories, family-oriented television which a child can see without becoming scared. It was shot during three weeks in Vancouver last February, and is a Christmas story about a family that gets snowed in in a big log cabin.

Has your brother's music - Rob Swanson and Hipnostic - had any particular significance to you as a person and TV/film worker assuming that something else than TV and film can distract you from work stuff, and maybe even give inspiration and energy once in a while?
- I started acting before he started playing music, and he was in several bands from back in the late '80s and the early '90s. I was always supporting them. The band would come to my apartment in Hollywood and I would give them dinner. He stopped playing for many years, in order to support the family.


Speaking mainly from personal experience, kids sadly have limited interest in what us parents are passionate about. How about your kids; has he seen for example Higher Learning or Big Daddy yet, or are family and work very separate?
- Our son is 8 1/2 , and he's a hockey player while his father is a skater and running the LA Kings Valley Ice Center. So I guess that makes me a hockey mom! He loves movies, and is starting to understand what I do for a living. He's not confused about seeing mom on TV anymore.

Of all your roles, which ones are you most proud of?
- That's a funny question! Usually, people ask me what my favourite is, not which one I'm most proud of. When you've been doing it for so many years as I have, there have been so many experiences in my lifetime that have been great for many different reasons. But I'm proud of the Phantom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, What If..., and 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, which had a great cast..